COVIDTracer Changelog

COVIDTracer Changelog

This section lists all the COVIDTracer updates and changes


DEC 2020 - Download QR only feature added to Professional/Enterprise users, Sign out NaN:NaN bug fixed.


NOV 2020 - Icons added to dashboard, email and address option added to Business Subscription users.


NOV 2020 - Bug fix for timezones not reflecting browser times.


OCT 2020 - Bug fix for Address/Phone Number/Email details not showing in tracing data for some users.


OCT 2020 - Bug fix for 404 error when scanning - (DIY Fix: Update profile to fix the 404 error when the QR code is scanned)


OCT 2020 - Bulk subscription pricing added, drop down and slider check-boxes added to tracing forms. Tracing forms can now be created and assigned to different QR codes, i.e. different health questionnaire tracing form for Staff, and a different Check-In form for customers.


SEPT 2020 - Data deletion added. Data deletion can be modified for each QR code and account.


SEPT 2020 - Paid version released, GO PRO premium feature upgrade now available for free users to upgrade their accounts. Multi-QR Code Management, Sign Out Option and Customised Fields are added to paid user accounts.


AUG 2020 - Multi Language features added.


AUG 2020 - Free version released for public use. First name, last name and phone number capture is included into the free version with .CSV excel sheet export available.