COVIDTracer is an Australian product and Service

COVIDTracer is an Australian product and Service

Our platform was made to help businesses save money and resources to cope with COVID-19. We do this by replacing paper sign ins and questionnaires with a simple QR scan upon entry.


COVIDTracer will help businesses save money and resources

COVIDTracer will help businesses save money and resources

COVIDTracer is a free to use QR code sign-in solution that requires no download. Save money on sanitizer costs, paper, and labor with a digital solution. There is no sign-in limit, our platform can handle the load of a nation and is made to scale.

Our platform helps limit physical contact between staff and patrons

Using COVIDTracer helps your business abide by social distancing rules​

Using a Pen and Paper contact tracing method is an infection risk from physical exposure. Using a BYO device and eliminating physical contact could save lives, keep your business running for longer, and prevent another lockdown.



Getting started takes less than 2 minutes

How To Get Started

Our UI/UX experts have made sure you can accomplish a setup in 2 minutes rather than 2 weeks. You only need is your business name, email, and business address to sign up. Once you have created an account, you can see who has signed-in instantly.

Protect Your Business

Limit contact exposure in your workplace by using a contactless tracing initiative used in over 3000 businesses in Australia

Stop Community Spread

Limit physical exposure in your workplace to ensure the safety of your staff and patrons

Prevent Another Lockdown

Prevent another lockdown by helping business owners and preventive teams understand their local foot traffic and plan for mitigation

Save Costs

Stop using sanitizer unnecessarily. You can save on office costs and labor by using our platform

Save Our Economy

Help your business keep operational by having a COVID safe plan to minimize infection risks.

Easy to Setup

It takes less than 5-minutes to get set up. All you have to do is register your business details and print out your form. No Download Needed

User Manual

User Manual​

View our usual manual below to read up on how to get started and use all our features.